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Acrylic Skylights and Acrylic IR-Cut sheets for Lowering Heat Effectively

In the architects and designers' mind, acrylic sheet has always been the top priority choice for elegant architecture design. With excellent weather resistance for outdoor use, light weight in comparison with glass, easy to fabrication, high transparency and colorful, the acrylic sheet is one of the best choice for building materials. There is recycled and virgin raw material difference for acrylic sheets production. Ray Chung's acrylic sheet is produced with 100% virgin material.
IR-Cut acrylic sheet is our latest acrylic sheet product application in building materials. It can reduce the heat and lower the temperature, which can save the electricity consumption.
With the increasingly rising temperatures and extremes climates year by year, our company also hopes to make contributions to the environment.
The sunshade panel in the picture is the practical application of Ray Chung's acrylic IR-Cut sheet. It is installed at the patio of home, which allows the sunshine can get through, but being able to reduce the heat and lower temperature. There is the new soft color series for the skylight or acrylic shutters. The below acrylic shutter picture adopted Ray Chung's acrylic sheet to function as the shutter in the building. The color match was based on the idea for sky, grass, clouds, which create the relaxing and refreshing feeling. And another skylight picture was installed in the new built community of houses.

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