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Quality Issues

Quality is definitely the most important consideration for purchasing acrylic sheets except the price. The problems encountered on acrylic sheets quality can be mainly categorized as sheet itself and packaging. Being the professional cast acrylic sheets manufacturer, Ray Chung Acrylic has the competent know-how for production and ability to solve the problems. There is the complete procedure for acrylic sheet production. The frequent acrylic sheets problems are as below.

Cast acrylic sheet problem

1. Sheet bending
2. Sheet color fading
3. The hardness of sheet not enough when fabrication
4. Sheet tolerance
5. The defects of sheet
All the above problems are encountered and reflected by the customers. The acrylic sheet problem varies from each customer’s different application. Aiming for the sheet bending, sheet color fading, not enough hard sheet, sheet tolerance and sheet defect, Ray Chung Acrylic will solve the problem case by case. Taking for the acrylic sheet color fading for example, some colors’ component are originally suitable for indoor use instead of outdoor. Therefore, we hope to lower the possibly happened problems in advance by understanding the customers’ application for acrylic sheets.

Cast acrylic sheet packaging problem

Cast acrylic sheet packaging can be categorized as PE film, water adhesive masking paper, and craft paper. The common encountered problems for the three packaging are as below.
PE film: easier to remove in comparison with craft paper. However, the acrylic sheet appearance will appear misty when fabrication by laser cutting under the status PE film was not stuck flatly with acrylic sheet. Under this situation, the misty part can not be removed by polishing. Furthermore, the acrylic sheet will appear flawed due to not flat or having the dust running into the sheets if the PE film is not stuck flatly with acrylic sheet. After removing the PE film, it can not be easily restored. In comparison, craft paper and water adhesive masking paper can be restored with better protection.

Water adhesive masking paper: easier to remove in comparison with craft paper. However, the fabrication by heat will cause the paper burned if using laser cutting. In CNC fabrication process, the flow will blow off the paper, causing acrylic dust running into the sheets and having the scratch. If fabrication by chamfering the sheets, the water adhesive masking paper will become easily broken due to thinner paper component.

Craft paper: the stickiness and protection is the best among the three packaging. In CNC fabrication process, it is suggested to fabricate by craft paper to avoid the scratch.

But the stickiness of craft paper will become more difficult to remove as time goes by. The craft paper are always becoming difficult to remove after a period of time not used, especially in some hot weather areas.
Aiming the masking paper stickiness, Ray Chung Acrylic has been constantly communicated with the masking paper supplier to adjust for easier removing according to the easier removed degree reflected by the customers. Moreover, the storage for masking paper is suggested in cool places and avoid the sunshine to reduce the too sticky status.

As different acrylic sheets fabrication apply to various packaging, therefore we hope to further understand the customers’ fabrication application to suggest and lower the occurance of problem.

Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been produced cast acrylic sheets more than 40 years, with skilled and plentiful production experiences. If you have the plexiglass or acrylic fabricated products demand, please contact with us. We will do our best to meet the customers’ demand.