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Shanghai Ray Chung Acrylic façade sign

Shanghai Ray Chung Acrylic façade sign

Service Process

High Quality and Innovative Cast Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise Co., Ltd., is devoted to offering the complete service from customized online inquiry suggestion for plexiglass sheets to order production with good quality control and shipment with reasonable price.There are extrusion acrylic sheet and cast acrylic sheets. The cast acrylic sheets are more suitable for fabrication than extrusion sheets. Are you looking for the Cast Acrylic sheet or fabricated cast acrylic products? If yes, Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise Co., Ltd., is the exact good supplier that you are looking for.

Online inquiry

As the cast acrylic sheets can be applied in many different fields, therefore we need to know which type of cast acrylic sheet you need.
Our product Ray Chung cast acrylic sheet can be applied ranging from commercial advertisements, household saniware products, art and designation, industrial function equipment, noise and heat reduction, to medical protection function. Therefore, it is very important for us to know your application. Meanwhile, there
are some know-how for the sheets requirement. For all types of cast acrylic sheets, there are all different sizes, color, and thickness. Based on our expertise, we will make efforts to offer the customer the exact product type.To achieve this goal, we need to know the above mentioned information.


There are some countries who have the high demand for cast acrylic sheets. In the past more than 40 years, we are proud that our brand Ray Chung cast acrylic sheets haven been accumulated the well-known good reputation with high quality over the world. Therefore, we acquired some customers’ trust to be Ray Chung Cast Acrylic's agent in their countries. This proves that our plexiglass sheet quality is recognized by the local customers in different countries. Therefore, if you are interested in our cast acrylic sheets, we will introduce you our agents if available or pleased to offer you our quotation.


For the customization, if you need us to match the new color, there is the MOQ requirement. Pls contact with our sales representative for the details.
To support more service with our customers, we also accept customized acrylic product order if it is within our production capability. As we are the factory, therefore the order amount needs to reach the MOQ. The MOQ depends on the customized product. Our subsidiary company YEONG SHIN CHANG TECH. CO., LTD. has
the CNC cutting and laser machine. With their fabrication expertise, we will provide the customers with the efficient and cost reduction acrylic fabrication products to achieve their need. When you have the demand for customized acrylic product, please offer us your drawing in CAD form and required quantity and delivery place. We will offer you the price as soon as possible. One important thing is that the cast acrylic fabricated products produced by 100% virgin raw material will appear better quality and having no smell in comparison with the ones from recycled material. To emphasize the brand value, Ray Chung cast acrylic sheets only produces with 100% virgin raw material.

Sample Tested

For the new customer, if you need, we can send you small cast acrylic sheet samples for tested. For the color samples, it depends on if having the stock available.
If no stock, then it needs to be produced with small size. Restricted by the smaller mould, the sample may easily have the defects. Therefore, the smaller sample for color sheet focuses on viewing the color, not the quality.

Order Confirmation

Once the customer confirms the order, then we will arrange the production after receiving the deposit. For one 20’ container quantity of cast acrylic sheet, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks. The lead time can be shorter or longer. The specific delivery time will be confirmed depending on the production status. We will do our best to meet the customers’ requirement. As for the acrylic fabricated products, it needs to be confirmed case by case.


Offering the customer with good quality pmma sheet is our company core value. We adopt the glass moulds from the Pilkington in the U.K and the 100% virgin raw material from Lucite to produce the high quality cast acrylic sheets.
We are proud to declare that our sheet tolerance is within the allowable range for most of the time. There are only very few times that it is beyond the range due to the
uncontrollable factors. One important thing we want to emphasize is that we will not mix the recycled raw material or reducing the thickness. Honesty and Credibility are our faith. We are looking for a long term business cooperation relationship.

Quality Control

During the packing process, we will inspect the acrylic sheet surface to see if any defects under the fluorescent lamps. The good ones will be cut if needed and then loaded with pallets or crates.


For the FOB Kaohsiung or Shanghai term, we will arrange the shipment as per the consignee’s shipping notice. If it is CIF or CFR term, then we will choose the most price competitive and reliable shipping agent to deliver the shipment.
Of course, the shorter delivery time is also considered.