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Cast Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets have two categories : cast acrylic sheet and extrusion acrylic sheet.
Cast acrylic sheet is also named plexiglass or pmma sheet.
Cast acrylic sheet is produced with raw material called MMA poured inside between two glasses. Through the heating and cooling process, the sheet becomes solid from liquid. The material has virgin and recycled difference. Our company only produces the acrylic sheets with 100% virgin material from Lucite.

With colorful, light weight, high transparency, and easy fabrication advantages, the cast acrylic sheet is applied in various respects. Although our company mainly produces the sheets, we also offer the customization services as per various customers’ demand within our capability.

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General Plexiglass - acrylic sheet samples

General Plexiglass

With the advantage of multiple colors, general cast acrylic sheets are very suitable for advertisement...

Matt Acrylic sheet - matt (satin) sheet contrast picture

Matt Acrylic sheet

Matt sheet is also named satin sheet. There is one side and double sides difference. The matt sheet looks...

Saniware Acrylic Sheet - saniware sheet color

Saniware Acrylic Sheet

Saniware sheet is used for producing bathtubs through thermoforming process. The available colors are shown...

Day and Night Acrylic sheet - Day and Night Black and White acrylic sheet

Day and Night Acrylic sheet

The Day and Night acrylic sheets are made from plexiglass, which is lightweight and easily fabricated....

Diffusion Acrylic Sheet - diffusion sheet application

Diffusion Acrylic Sheet

Our diffusion sheet have two categories as per different applications. One is for ceiling light, which...

Sound Barrier Acrylic Sheet - sound barrier sheet application

Sound Barrier Acrylic Sheet

Sound barrier sheet is one type application of acrylic sheet. With high impact resistance and good noise...

IR-Cut Acrylic Sheet - Acrylic IR-Cut Sheet

IR-Cut Acrylic Sheet

IR-Cut is our latest innovation of cast acrylic sheet application.

Water Rippled Acrylic Sheet - Water Rippled Acrylic Sheet

Water Rippled Acrylic Sheet

Water rippled acrylic sheet is Shanghai Ray Chung's new product in 2019. As the name indicates, the surface...

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Professional Cast Acrylic Sheet, cast acrylic sheet, plexiglass sheet, transparent PMMA sheet, Manufacturer For 36 Years in Taiwan | Ray Chung

Located in Taiwan, China since 1980, Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise Co.,Ltd. has been a cast acrylic sheets manufacturer. Main products, including cast acrylic sheets, plexiglass sheets and transparent PMMA sheets with REACH and RoHS certifications.

Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise Co., Ltd. with more than 30 years of experience, we are specialized producing cast acrylic sheets with 100% virgin material from Lucite. Our products are well known for high quality in the acrylic sheet industry. In the past more than 40 years, we are proud that our brand Ray Chung cast acrylic sheets haven been accumulated the well-known good reputation with high quality over the world.

Ray Chung has been offering customers high-quality cast acrylic sheets since 1980, both with advanced technology and 36 years of experience, Ray Chung ensures each customer's demands are met.