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Acrylic Applications

The characteristic of cast acrylic sheet is superior transparency, high light transmittance, plentiful color, easy fabrication, good electricity insulation, most superior weather resistance among plastics, and having good chemical tolerance. Therefore, the acrylic sheet is widely applied at various fields in our daily life.

It is mainly categorized as follows: Advertising, Furniture & Design, Sanitaryware, Display, Industrial Equipment, Architecture & Construction, Vehicle & Transportation, Office Stationery.

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  • Acrylic Signboards and Light Boxes Applied in Advertising

    Among all the different application fields, acrylic sheet is mostly frequent applied in advertising. Acrylic signboards and lighting boxes are the common seen medium in advertising. The advantages of multiple colors, light weight, easy fabrication, high transparency allow acrylic sheets to become the most popular choice for signboards and lighting boxes. Color plays an important role in advertising. Many companies promote their brand image and logo through their distinctive color. With the vivid color expression, the company image is rooted in the consumers' mind. Some of the following well known brand colors use Shanghai Ray Chung's color sheet, listing as below. ICBC bank in China, The Agricultural Bank of China, Sinopec, Carrefour, Wal Mart, Watsons, to name but a few. In addition to the signboards, acrylic sheets are also applied in lighting boxes, luminous words, photo frames, and displays. The big lighting box inside MRT, the store design, the goods display of department stores are all the common seen practical application examples in our daily life. Catering to the customers' requirement, we can produce the customized size and need for luminous words. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us.

  • Acrylic Products for Furniture & Design Application

    With the multiple colors and stylish apperances, acrylic has always been the element loved and adopted by the designers. No matter in living environment or offices as well as the public architecture, we can see the acrylic furnitures made by acrylic sheets.The range for acrylic furniture is very wide, such as acrylic desks, acryic chairs, acrylic kitchen cabinets, and acrylic shower partitions and so on. Moreover, acrylic is also very suitable for application in arts. The most common one is acrylic painting frames. What's more creative is to make a painting with colorful acrylic sheets. The below colorful portrait is the practical example of acrylic application in modern art. The ENZO company and MAPS TO company in Shanghai designed and adopted Shanghai Ray Chung Acrylic's sheet to fabricate the acrylic portrait. Another impressive art of work is the spiral shaped acrylic, which consists of multiple colors and layers of acrylic sheet produced from Shanghai Ray Chung. The below different colored water rippled acrylic sheet are the new product of Shanghai Ray Chung Acrylic. The water rippled acrylic sheet is fashionable, which is very suitable applied for indoor design.

  • Acrylic Cabinets and Bathtubs Used in Saniware

    With the advantages of high anti-cracking, not easily fade, and elegant appearance, the acrylic sheet is usually applied in bathroom vanity. The characteristic of having no gap prevents the growth of bacteria.

  • Various Acrylic Stands for Merchandise Display

    The characteristic of high trasmittance, multiple colors, light weight, and elegant appearance make acrylic sheets widely applied in display.

  • Functional Acrylic Inspection Panel Applied in Industrial Equipment

    Besides commercial and architecture application, acrylic sheet is also applied in industrial equipment for various functions, such as inspecting the panels and serving as the cushion base.

  • Acrylic Noise Barrier Sheets for Reducing Highway Traffic Noise

    Acrylic sheets also have the function of reducing the noise besides the beautiful appearance. The most common seen is the acrylic noise barrier sheets installedin highways. In comparison with glass, acrylic sheets have lighter weight. In the respect of transmittance, acrylic noise barrier sheets are also superior than glass and PC. Moreover, acrylic noise barrier sheets have the embedded string design to prevent shattering based on the safety concern. Easy fabrication and excellent weather tolerance are also the advantages of acrylic nosie barrier sheets. The below pictures are the practical installation projects adopted Ray Chung and Shanghai Ray Chung Acrylic's produced acrylic nosie barrier sheets.

  • Acrylic Skylights and Acrylic IR-Cut sheets for Lowering Heat Effectively

    In the architects and designers' mind, acrylic sheet has always been the top priority choice for elegant architecture design. With excellent weather resistance for outdoor use, light weight in comparison with glass, easy to fabrication, high transparency and colorful, the acrylic sheet is one of the best choice for building materials. There is recycled and virgin raw material difference for acrylic sheets production. Ray Chung's acrylic sheet is produced with 100% virgin material. IR-Cut acrylic sheet is our latest acrylic sheet product application in building materials. It can reduce the heat and lower the temperature, which can save the electricity consumption. With the increasingly rising temperatures and extremes climates year by year, our company also hopes to make contributions to the environment. The sunshade panel in the picture is the practical application of Ray Chung's acrylic IR-Cut sheet. It is installed at the patio of home, which allows the sunshine can get through, but being able to reduce the heat and lower temperature. There is the new soft color series for the skylight or acrylic shutters. The below acrylic shutter picture adopted Ray Chung's acrylic sheet to function as the shutter in the building. The color match was based on the idea for sky, grass, clouds, which create the relaxing and refreshing feeling. And another skylight picture was installed in the new built community of houses.

  • Acrylic Application in Various Transportation

    In the respect of vehicle and transportation, the common application is the windshield, car license plate, and yacht hatch, car wind deflector. One golf cart supplier in China known for high quality use our "Ray Chung brand" acrylic sheet to produce the windshield of the golf cart.

  • Acrylic Application in Stationery

    The frequent seen applications are acrylic boxes and acrylic rulers.

  • Acrylic Aerosol Box and Desktop Partition Panel Against COVID-19

    The acrylic box can also have the important medical protection function to reduce the contagion risk between the doctor and the patient. Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Mennonite Christian Hospital, Hua Lian, Taiwan designed the "Aerosol Box" and offers the drawings for free. Thanks for his great contributions. This device offers the doctors protection during endotracheal intubation surgery. As influenced by the COVID-19, many public places have the demand for the acrylic partition panel. The black bottom acrylic desktop partition panel in the picture is one of the simple designs. If you have the demand, please feel free to contact with us. The acrylic aerosol box can be cleaned with 75% alcohol or bleach. However, the actual usage still depends on the professional judgement by the hospitals.

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