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Acrylic Cabinets and Bathtubs Used in Saniware

With the advantages of high anti-cracking, not easily fade, and elegant appearance, the acrylic sheet is usually applied in bathroom vanity. The characteristic of having no gap prevents the growth of bacteria.

The below pictures adopt Ray Chung's acrylic sheet to produce as bathroom vanity. The comfortable and elegant look adds the clean and tidy feeling to the bathrooms.

The third picture is the acrylic shower partition made from Shanghai Ray Chung Acrylic’s double satin clear acrylic sheet. This brings the bath room a bright and elegant ambience.

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    Saniware sheet is used for producing bathing environment through thermoforming process. The available colors are shown as the attached picture. The advantages are good temperature-keeping, light weight, easy to be molded, high anti-cracking, and not easily fade. Moreover, the characteristic of having no gap can prevent the growth of bacteria. The all characteristic creates a luxurious and hygienic athing environment. The material has virgin and recycled difference. With 100% virgin material produced, the sheet have excellent characteristic. On the contrary, the sheets with recycled material will smell with bad odor, and becomes yellowish easily. Ranking from left top, right top, right down, left down Color: #222, 2017, 6734, 2235

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