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General Acrylic sheet

General Acrylic sheet

General acrylic sheets (plexiglass) are mainly categorized as clear, opal (translucent), and opaque color. With high transmittance, light weight, easy to fabricate, multiple colors, not easily fade, acrylic sheets are good material for advertisement signboards, light boxes, display products, furniture, and so on.

Diffusion Acrylic sheet

Diffusion Acrylic sheet

Ray Chung Acrylic's diffusion acrylic sheets have two categories. One application is for lighting, such as ceiling illumination ; the other one application is for luminous words , such as the signboard words Dior, Gucci.


Ray Chung IR-Cut Sheet Service Introduction

Ray Chung Acrylic Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is Taiwan, China IR-Cut Sheet supplier and manufacturer with more than 36 years experence. Since 1980, in the cast acrylic sheet, Ray Chung has been offering our customers high quality IR-Cut Sheet production service. With both advanced technology and 36 years experience, Ray Chung always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

IR-Cut Sheet


IR-Cut Sheet - Acrylic IR-Cut Sheet
Acrylic IR-Cut Sheet

IR-Cut is our latest innovation of cast acrylic sheet application.
With visible light transmittance 70%, Infrared Ray cut off 90%, the main function is to reduce heat from sunshine (according to test, room temperature can be reduced up to 6℃). IR-Cut sheet is applicable for green house, skylight, the doors and windows material, energy conservation is more than 25%.

The material has virgin and recycled difference.
With 100% virgin material produced, the clear sheet have excellent characteristic. On the contrary, the sheets with recycled material will smell with bad odor, and becomes yellowish easily.


  • Cast acrylic sheet
  • Produced with 100% virgin material from Lucite
  • No recycled material
  • Light weight in comparison with glass
  • Superior weather resistance
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy fabrication
  • Most superior in physical and chemical respects.
  • Elegant appearance


                                     CAST ACRYLIC SHEET TOLERANCE

1.5 MM± 0.211 MM± 0.7
2.0 MM± 0.412MM± 0.7
2.5 MM± 0.413MM± 0.8
2.8 MM± 0.415MM± 1.0
3 MM± 0.416MM± 1.0
3.5 MM± 0.518MM± 1.0
4 MM± 0.520MM± 1.5
4.5 MM± 0.525MM± 1.5
5 MM± 0.530MM± 1.7
6 MM± 0.535MM± 1.7
8 MM± 0.540MM± 2.0
9 MM± 0.645MM± 2.0
10 MM± 0.650MM± 2.5


  • Building material : sound barrier sheets, partitions, windows, doors, skylight
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  • Queen of The Plastics
    Queen of The Plastics

    Among the plastics, acrylic sheet is the most superior in physical and chemical respects. Its transparency is excellent, just like as crystal, therefore praised as "queen of the plastics".

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